I'm writing to you about Clearview Construction and the entire Feniello family in general. Doug, Jacqlyn and their son Chris were a wonderful team. My wife and I hired them last November to completely gut my old kitchen and replace it with a brand new one, including cabinets, floor, appliances, granite counter tops, windows, window treatments, new sheetrock, lighting, extension of a wall, and painting, We also had them repaint the rest of our house and install beautiful crown molding all around, as well as additional lighting, and a built in lighted etagere with glass shelves.  Chris handled the estimates and accounting, Doug was the foreman who was at my house every day during the project, and Jacqlyn designed everything herself.  Her taste was impeccable, yet she worked closely with us to make sure everything she suggested was pleasing to us as well as herself. She did not hesitate to leave samples of flooring, granite, or anything else she suggested for us to see first hand how it would look in the kitchen.  She accompanied us to the granite factory as well as the cabinet supplier to offer meaningful suggestions.  It was her idea to extend one wall for more cabinet and counter space, and to take an old pantry in our dining room and turn it into a recessed etagere for decorative items we had to display.  She also suggested replacing our standard moldings with beautiful crown moldings which added a beautiful touch.  As a matter of fact after a very short time we became like a blended family because the Feniellos are so down to earth and treat your home as if it were their own.  We had no qualms about giving Doug a key to our house, so he could get in any time the sub-contractors arrived to let them in.  The various sub-contractors that were hired to do the countertops, cabinet installation, window installation, carpentry,  flooring, walls, and electrical did expert work  At the end of the day Doug made sure everything was cleaned up enough to lessen the inconvenience of living in the midst of the construction, and called me every day before leaving my house to give me a summary of what went on that day and what to expect the next day and in the days afterward.  As a matter of fact if he didn't like the way something was done he would tell me before I even came home to let me know he was going to have whatever it was fixed the next day to his satisfaction.

My wife Pearl and I can's say enough good things about how our whole house became so beautifully renovated.  We recommend Clearview Construction with a rave review.  If you have any questions you can call me at 516-316-9717 and I'd be glad to speak to you.

Alan Schwart